I have worked with Iwen

for over 4 years as a Mandarin

storyteller for the library. Iwen’s role as a

world language storyteller is very important. 

She brings experience and in-depth knowledge about

early childhood education to weekly sessions. Story

times are fun, enriching and open doors to cultural experiences and traditions. Iwen has a passion for

working with children and families and

it is a pleasure to have her as part

of our team! CiKeithia P.

                                                     I have

                            visited many schools

                   in Seattle and the Eastside

           and no one has impressed me as

        much as Iwen. In fact, now I can’t

    even look at other schools, because the

  bar has been set so high by Iwen.  Her

 classroom is so inviting and has everything

labelled in Chinese, with Chinese books and

 posters everywhere.... In addition, I’m so impressed

  with the work that my daughter brings home. The kids

     learned about metamorphosis from a tadpole to a frog in     

       Chinese and in preschool. The amount of vocabulary learned in that 

           lesson alone was immense! Iwen offers art and cooking classes too, which

                   helps to further expand the vocabulary of her students. I keep all

                        of the handouts and work my daughter brings home. We

                                    review it and I am happy to say that I am

                                             learning a lot of Mandarin too.

                                                       Jenn B.

Click to watch Teacher Iwen in action:

Iwen story time storytelling
Language Garden Academy

Iwen and her staff
provided a highly professional
cultural workshop for my company, an
ad agency of 200+ employees, with Chinese calligraphy and origami at Wing Luke Museum. Her services included the design of the space, supplied all materials, brought forth demonstrations that were both entertaining and inspiring, and took care of
set-up and take-down. The event was
a great success.

Richard D.

Throughout the past year,

my 2-yr old daughter and I have

taken class with Iwen. I have been continually impressed with her patience, creativity and joy in teaching. Our experience has been outstanding.

Valerie C.

Ms Iwen has a natural gift with

students, and makes each of her classes fun, engaging  

and challenging.  My son started with very basic Mandarin ability

and built up an impressive vocabulary and grasp of the language in the

3 years he studied with Iwen.  Her immersion style built his confidence in

both speaking and understanding of the language, and fostered a greater interest and

understanding of Chinese culture. His favorite part of class was learning different games

in Mandarin and the hands on approach in creating books and projects. He really enjoyed

her teaching style and looked forward to each lesson. Iwen provided him with such an

excellent base that he was eager to continue studying Mandarin after we moved away. We

truly realized how much he had learned when he applied to an independent school in our

new city he was asked to draw something and write an essay about it. As art is not his

forte he decided to write a page of Chinese characters and include a brief essay on

the evolution of the Chinese character. The admissions team was stunned, as

were we, as we were not even aware that he had learned this with Iwen.

We are so grateful to Iwen for cultivating this interest and know

it will continue to serve him throughout his education.
Elise H.