Language Garden Academy

The registration for the 2021

Summer Camps is underway.

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​​2021 Summer Camps

Camps are conducted immersion-style in Mandarin and capped at 8 children

per week for optimal social distancing. All CDC recommended measures

regarding COVID-19 will be followed. 

Camp 1: Fairy Garden 童话花园  (Full, please contact us to waitlist)
Gardens are magical when there are fairies to be found. During this week, campers will create their own special enchanted scene with plants, pond, animals, house, furniture, gnomes and, of course, the fairies. Mythical stories from various parts of the world will be shared as campers design their own gardens by what inspire them.

          9:30 AM – 3:00 PM | July 19–22 | Monday – Thursday, for ages 3 through 5 | $300

Camp 2: Sew A Zoo  小裁缝的动物世界
Build a zoo while learning the lifetime skill of sewing! Campers will create a miniature zoo complete with appropriate habitats from different corners of the world for the fuzzy animals that they sew. Campers will also conduct comparisons on similarities and differences of the animals and draw reasoning on the distinctions.

         9:30 AM – 3:00 PM | July 26–29 | Monday – Thursday, for ages 6 and up | $300

Camp 3: Animal Hospital  宠物医院
Pets are children’s best friends. In addition to learning ways to take care of their "best friends", campers will also learn how doctors treat some of the common issues that pets may have. Their new doctor's skills will be practiced on examining real visiting pets.
          9:30 AM – 3:00 PM | July 12–15 | Monday – Thursday, for ages 3 through 5 | $300