Toddler & Parent

         Friday 9:30 to 10:00 AM Online Learning  ("In-person Learning" tentatively resumes in Winter Quarter 9:30–10:20 AM)

We foster the fun of learning Mandarin with storytelling, interactive visualization, songs singing and rhyming in this weekly meet. 

10 weekly sessions per quarter, Online $150 / In-person $250

Fall Quarter: 09/25–12/04 | Winter Quarter: 12/11–03/19 | Spring Quarter: 03/26–06/11

         Monday & Wednesday 9:30 to 10:30 PM Online Learning
          ("In-person Learning" tentatively resumes in Winter Quarter 9:30A–12:30P including a monthly cooking lesson $1,030 per quarter)

Acquire Mandarin through this unique online class of weekly thematic storytelling supplemented by songs and art making led by Iwen Laoshi and martial art fitness led by Li Shifu of NW Wushu. Students will receive supplies needed during class via shipment prior to class.
11 weeks per quarter, $440+$25 supplies/shipping

         Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 to 12:00 PM In-person Learning

Acquire Mandarin through this art-based language immersion program by engaging the 5 senses where children make friends, sing songs, dance music, play games, create art, run outdoor dashes and upkeep physical fitness with martial arts (led by Li Shifu of NW Wushu via ZOOM). On-site class is limited to 5 children and 1 teacher, and following all CDC recommended safety measures. Registering students are required to complete a "Family Quarantine Practices Survey" and not to attend other group activities outside preschool.
11 weeks per quarter, $1,030

Fall Quarter: 09/14–12/03 | Winter Quarter: 12/14–03/18 | Spring Quarter: 03/22–06/10

Preschool Afternoon Add-onPottery and Martial Art can be scheduled when regular in-person classes resume.

​​2020-21 Immersion Programs for Ages 1½-5
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